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Industry Leaders

A strong reputation as Industry Leaders.
At Cambar Precast, we are passionate about concrete. Our highly accomplished team has a proud and rich history. With three generations of family commitment, Cambar has built an enviable reputation on delivering high quality projects on time and to budget. This reputation has seen us continue to supply superior concrete precast to a diverse range of projects, and develop long lasting partnerships with our clients.


Built on experience

As a pioneer in precast construction in the 1970s, Cambar Precast is an innovative company at the leading edge of concrete construction. Capable of delivering highly specialised and bespoke precast solutions, Cambar has proven experience in design, engineering, mould-making and casting. With a team of 30 people and two production plants, one within a few kilometres of the CBD, Cambar continues to develop an ever-expanding range of competitive precast building products.

Cambar's operations are based upon a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in production whilst simultaneously adopting the latest techniques in precast construction. The company is constantly ensuring uncompromised safety, quality and program.


Focused on the future

Cambar's strength is its ability to provide end-to-end service from design, to production through to delivery. The team's expertise and depth of experience enables us to maximise the efficiency of the panel production process without ever compromising on design or quality.

Cambar Precast is constantly innovating. We look towards the latest precast panel construction technologies in order to produce the best results. An integrated and efficient delivery system is the result of dedicated development and a clear focus on meeting customer needs. Our central location with on-site skill and manufacturing facilities separates Cambar from the field.



Our Concrete

Cambar produces high quality concrete panels for a diverse range of projects. Structural pre-cast panels, beams and columns are manufactured in our Port Melbourne precast yard to meet a wide range of architectural and structural requirements. We have the proven skills and experience to produce exceptional quality finishes. We can provide infinite variation in surface textures, mould-liner variations and brick tiles. We pride ourselves on being one of the few manufacturers to provide a complete end-to-end solution, which includes precast panel delivery service directly to your site. Cambar has an ability to deliver consistent and competitive pre-cast components.

At Cambar Precast, we offer:
- Efficient manufacturing methods
- Undercover steel manufacturing tables
- Capacity to pour over 20 panels per day
- Manufacture panels to a weight of over 20 tonnes
- Panel width from 125mm to 300mm
- Single and double height columns
- Quality assurance


Our History

Spanning six and a half decades, the Cambar story began with the vision of company founder Gilberto 'Beppi' Crema. Arriving from northern Italy in 1951, Beppi started a small terrazzo, concrete and formwork business with cousins Dino and Terry Camillo. In the 1970s, taking on larger building projects, the company emerged as a pioneer in the manufacture and use of tilt-up precast construction. Since then, the company has continued to grow and innovate.

From its earliest days, Cambar Precast has been founded on a passion for concrete, quality and hard work. The company prides itself on having a hands-on culture from senior management through to production employees. Three generations of the Crema family have overseen the company's growth. Over the decades, what has remained consistent is the team's commitment to producing outstanding products, employing effective business practices and building long-lasting relationships with customers.


Cambar Precast (Vic) Pty Ltd
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Nick Mardes
General Manager

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